Deep Yagya

In view of the ever-increasing growth of the yug nirman mission, Rev. Gurudev Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya introduced Deepa Yagyas as effective means to convey the knowledge of Yagya with inspiring impact on the masses. 

This was indeed a revolutionary development with significant practical relevance in the present circumstances of human life, when many people do not have the time, resources, faith and ability to perform kundiya Yagya or havans. 

The deepak play the role of Yagya kundas here; the process of agnihotra works automatically with the ignition of incense sticks (agarbatti) made up of havan samagri. Deepa Yagyas add sacred light in the congregations and gathering for mass-education, social awareness and thought-illumination campaigns of the mission that have mobilized at a grand scale since 1988. 

The Deepa Yagyas also became popular among all sections of the society as part of celebrating the samskaras of janma diwasa (birthday), vivaha diwasa (wedding anniversary), etc in holy atmosphere at negligible cost and without elaborate arrangements. Despite the easy mode of performance and minimal rituals, the inspirations imbibed in the mantras and method of Deep Yagyas carry excellent impact in reaching the teachings and light of Yagya at people’s heart and influencing the subtle domains of thought and sentiments.

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