Nirmal Ganga Abhiyan

Ever Flowing Pure Ganga

  • Water is the life-Hence an organized effort to for purity of water and conservation of its bio-diversity.
  • Lok mata Jahnvi- Ganga is Lokmata, so this is to remind and its sons about their duty towards their mother and to encourage them to carry it out.
  • Shrotasmasmi Jahnvi-All water sources in the country are Ganga, so this compaign is to be enlarged to cover all of them.
  • The spirit of “Hum Badlenge,Yug Badlega” is to be inculcated and made participatory  among the public at personal level.
  • Green Cover-Efforts for conservation of environment by dense afforestation in the Ganga region.
  • Ganga is not merely a river; it is the lifeline of India. Ganga is the pious flow of Indian Culture, Civilization, Philosophy and spiritualism put together. Ganga covers almost half of India and inculcates Godliness amongst people, imbibes culture in each house, grants divinity to its banks and showers bounties before it confers greatness to the sea by joining it. It has been a witness to the origin and development of “Dev Sanskriti” right through its journey from the womb of Himalayas up to its confluence with the sea.
  • In the present context, it is a matter of grave concern that for the sake of our selfish ends and for blind development, this life line river has been brought virtually to the dead stage. In a Country where oath is taken in the name of Ganga to prove the truth, and a few drops of its water help achieve salvation, we have rendered its water unsuitable for bathing and drinking. Still the affectionate mother Ganga is blessing us by continually flowing, without seeking anything in return. Mother is performing her duty, but what, we her sons, are giving back in return to her? It was our duty to give respect and honour to this river but instead we are throwing our city waste, industrial waste, dirty nala water and dead bodies etc, as if it is a waste bin and not a river. The misbehavior with the mother of our Civilization has become unbearable now. “Akhil Vishv Gayatri Parivar” has launched a country wide Campaign called –“Nirmal Ganga Jan Abhiyan” due to the hurt caused by such actions of ours. 

FIVE Regions of Mother Ganga-
For the success of the campaign,the entire stretch of 2525 Km of Ganga has been divided in to Five regions as given below-
  1. Bhagirathi Region-Gomukh to Haridwar
  2. Vishvamitra Region-Haridwar to Kanpur
  3. Bhardwaj Region-Kanpur to Benaras
  4. Gautam Region-Benaras to Sultanganj
  5. Ramkrishna Region-Sultanganj to Gangasagar

FIVE stages of the Campaign- 
Keeping in view the diversity and to maintain continuity, the campaign has been divided in five stages-
  1. First-Survey-Detailed survey from Gomukh to Gangasagar
  2. Second-”Ganga Samvad”-(Plight of Ganga)-to be held at the cities and villages situated on banks.
  3. Third- “Ganga Amrit Kumbh” public awareness Campaign(Foot march for awareness, cleanliness, green cover, and tree plantation)
  4. Fourth- Cooperation movement- For People’s Cooperation in following rules and law.
  5. Five-Continuous efforts for purification and conservation for Ten years-Devotion
Five Efforts - Five Results
Water Purification-Nirmal Gangajal:- To inspire people for maintaining purity of water. 
  • Ban on immersion of “Nirmalya” (Stale offered flowers) and to popularize use of waste bins.
  • Stop use of soap/shampoo 
  • Ban on immersion of Plaster Of Paris idols and construction of “Ganga Kund” on the banks for this purpose. 
  • Ban on discharge of sewage from cities, ashrams, and villages. (Treatment tanks for partial purification of water-settling tank).Construction of Septic tank and soak pits.
  • Creating awareness among industrialists to stop discharge of industrial water in Ganga. Agitation for ban by Government.
  • By sample testing of water, the people to be made aware about contamination. Public awareness programmes like Film shows, Poster, Wall writing, distribution of pamphlets, Exhibition, Street plays, public meetings for environment protection. Formation of Ganga Sevak Mandal.
Cleanliness at Banks-Green and Clean Banks:- Regular cleaning of river banks/Ghats, construction of toilets and dense afforestation on the banks with people’s participation.
  • Ban on open defecation on bank sand construction of “Sulabh” toilets(with Government, Institutional cooperation)
  • Arrangement for regular cleaning
  • Cleanliness programmes on the Ghats
  • Repair of Banks
  • Tree Plantation on the banks-Triveni, Panchvati tree plantation in the temple located on the banks
  • Increasing Green cover(Dense afforestation in flood prone areas)
  • Crematoriums to be located at a distance from the banks.
  • Ban on mining and construction in the river bed
  • Prohibition on use of polythene and intoxication.
  • Construction of dustbins/vermin culture pits.
  • Use of brooms/ponchha instead of water for cleaning the banks
  • Appeal to Priests for purification and their participation as protector of pilgrim centers/ messenger for this cause
  • Ganga Volunteer Sena-Protection of river banks, service and maintenance.
Purification of Villages at the river bank-Ideal Village Pilgrim Centre:-  Cow centric rejuvenation of agriculture in the villages situated at  the river banks and efforts to make clean, healthy, addiction free, literate, self-reliant villages.
  • Discouragement of chemical based agriculture 
  • Encouraging cow –centric agriculture and animal husbandary
  • Arrangement of water for domestic use, Construction of septic tank and soak pit.
  • Tree plantation on the river banks.
  • Village free from addiction, clean, healthy, literate, cultured, self-reliant and full of service & cooperation.
  • To encourage programmes for converting wastage in to Gold
  • Exhibition and film shows
  • Formation of Ganga Sevak Mandals in the villages.
True Pilgrimage - Protection of Sanctity of the Pilgrim Centre: - Efforts to connect thousands of pilgrims with this campaign and to make them participants as messengers in propagating this message to the people at large.        
  • During festivals the pilgrims to be contacted through distribution of pamphlets, Misc. for public awareness. 
  • Creating public awareness on Holy dip days for cleaning on the next day.
  • To seek cooperation of people in the campaign.
  • Cooperation in de-addiction and wall writing 
  • Pilgrimage why and when? Workshop and meetings to be held.
Managing polluted water source-Pure and ever flowing Ganga:- It is not possible to make Ganga clean unless the water sources of its tributaries are totally purified. Therefore it is important to organize small campaigns at regional level on the tributaries of Ganga.
  • Purification of nearby source of water for the tributaries by “Bhagirathi Jalabhishek”.
  • Use of Right to Information (RTI) and Public Interest Litigation (PIL). 
  • To keep in progress all efforts with full devotion and vigor for Ten years so that these works form habit of the people at large.
Personal appeal to Ganga Putras
Think II Understand II And act appropriately

Do not
  • Throw domestic waste including stale offered flowers in Ganga
  • Use polythene on river bank
  • Use soap for bathing and washing cloth on the Ghat.
  • Throw Gutka and/or shampoo pouch
  • Defecate on banks and Ghats
  • Immerse idols made of Plaster Of Paris and painted with poisonous colors.
  • Use pesticide and chemical fertilizers in agri-fields situated near river banks 
  • Discharge sewage water in the Ganga
  • Allow discharge of industrial and city waste – poisonous water
  • Perform “ Deep daan”  in plastic containers
  • Consign dead bodies of animal ,human beings, half burnt bodies to Ganga

  • Convert stale offered flowers and other Poojan material to manure.
  • Use paper instead of polythene.
  • Use toilets for natures call
  • Install only Eco-friendly idols.
  • Substitute chemical fertilizers & pesticides with the one made out of cow dung, cow urine and vermin culture
  • Construct soak pit for dirty water.
If we do not get awakened now then separation from mother Ganga is going to cost us dearly

Mother Ganga is pitiful and is bearing the onslaught but due to her sorrow nature is getting angry. It is in our interest that before it is too late and we face the fury of nature, we get awakened as a good son carry out our duty towards our mother. 

Sankalp (Pledge to Ganga)

Let us take pledge in the name of Ganga that-

We will not pollute Ganga through our house, city, villages, institutions, Ashrams and will not allow others also to do it.The water polluted by us will be purified.We will return purity of divine Ganga

Emotional Call

Let us once again work hard for reinstating the original glory of divine Ganga. You are cordially invited to join “Nirmal Ganga Jan Abhiyan” in order to ward off the present day problems faced by Ganga, the source of unparalleled hard work of its sons, their commitment and salvation.  If we form Ganga Sevak Mandals in villages and cities and continue our work with zeal then our pious objective will surely be achieved. Our future generations will be benefited with our efforts.


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