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Two Steps to Spiritual Ascent: Yoga and Tapa - International Yoga Day Special

Revered Gurudev had highlighted the importance of divine- worship and devotional practices.  he had also eloquently pointed out their true meaning and purpose. He explained that Yoga and Tapa are essential prerequisites and supports for self-development and worthy progress in life. Here we continue with his consecutive discussion on how to give a righteous direction to the intellect.

Friends, The Gayatri Mantra awakens, illuminates, and guides the intellect towards righteousness. There is no magic or any such thing in a Mantra or in the act of simply chanting it. What accounts mainly for its miraculous effects on the mind (and intellect) is its japa-s3dhan3 — continuous meditative chanting at a consistent pace with deep emotional engrossment in its divine meaning and teachings (see [1-4] for details). While japa (meditative chanting) could only be for a fixed period of time every day, its enlightenment, insight, inspirations and elevating positiveness should remain fresh in your mind throughout the day. Its ‘divine inspiration’ should reflect in your feelings, aspirations, and thoughts. For this, you will have to first understand the importance of thoughts (and emotions) and train your mind accordingly.


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